Have Stroller, Will Travel is now available in paperback and e-book from Rejuvenations (Reardan, WA), the Bookshelf (Kalispell, MT), Bookworks (Whitefish, MT) and Amazon.com! (I also have a small stash of books left over from the launch party that I would be happy to sell you personally, just email me!)

Have you ever wanted to take a three-year-old and a one-year-old to Italy? Probably not. Reading about someone else doing it is more fun. And a whole lot cheaper.

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From arriving with a broken stroller to searching Rome for a popsicle because a preschooler refuses gelato, Have Stroller, Will Travel is the unvarnished true story of traveling in Italy with two children under the age of four:

Nick tried to teach Riley that she should just say, “No, grazie,” when the salesmen descended. She seemed to be listening. Then a vendor came by with a light-up bubble machine. Riley promptly started waving at him and shouting, “YES, grazie!” Even later in the trip, she would sit at our outdoor dinner tables and make eye contact with every peddler who walked by, waving her hand vaguely in a no, no thank you. . . or do I mean hello, come over here way while murmuring, “No, grazie, no grazie,” very seriously, yet not at all convincingly, under her breath.

Have Stroller, Will Travel also features other straight-from-the trenches tales of parenting two smart, charming, adventurous, and mischievous little girls:

The girls were relatively quiet and still. Hope started to enter my heart—were they finally falling asleep?
“Mommy?” A stage whisper floated up from the other side of the room, squishing my hope like a bug. “Mommy. Can I tell you something?”
I can think of a few things I’d like to tell you right now. “One quiet thing, Riley, then you need to lie down and go to sleep.”
“Mommy . . . I think my baby is hungry.”
I think your baby is asking for it if she doesn’t decide to lie down and be quiet. “She ate dinner. She can wait until tomorrow. Now you need to be quiet so Charlotte can go to sleep.”
“Okay Mommy. When you’re done snuggling Charlotte, can you snuggle me?”
Smother you? Why yes, but how did you know that’s what I was thinking? “Yes, if you can lie there quietly, I’ll come snuggle you in a few minutes.”

In short, Have Stroller, Will Travel is a heartfelt and entertaining look at traveling, and life, with small children. It’s a charming reminder that children are wonderful and Italy is wonderful, but waking up at two a.m. with a disoriented, jet-lagged toddler is not.