Here’s some election news that is both hilarious and totally non-partisan. That’s a picture of my voter registration letter with our polling place. See where it says Columbus Plaza, Elderly Housing? That’s our apartment building. Yep, we live in elderly housing. The full story is that the building was originally constructed as 62+ housing in the 1970s, but in one of the later renovations was opened up to everyone. Upon first look, it doesn’t resemble elderly housing (although the exterior… Read more »

It’s foggy in Boston this morning. Looking at the small corner of sky visible from our courtyard-facing apartment, I expect it to be cool and crisp. It’s not. The best I can say is that, while the air holds a whisper of warm and sticky, it’s actually pleasant outside. Labor Day seems to have magicked away the hordes of tourists and ushered in the promise of fall, all in one breath. Now we might actually look like locals. All during… Read more »

The children know nothing. We thought we were teaching them something. We thought they were learning. But it turns out that they know almost nothing. Oh sure, they can tell you that if you see a mountain lion, you stop, make yourself as big and loud as you can, and get behind your mom. But—big surprise—there is almost zero overlap in social intelligence between Montana life and urban life. Especially in the following areas: Sidewalks. We’re used to sidewalks that… Read more »

To make a long story very short, as of a week ago we are living in Boston for a year. Nick is doing a fellowship and we are having a big-city break from our Montana life. We drove away with the bear spray still in the garage and all the fancy shoes I haven’t worn in years packed in the car. Basically the complete inverse of every summer until now. July 1 was Nick’s first day of work and mine… Read more »

I came down with a nasty fever Thursday night that led into a couple unpleasant days of a stomach bug. My first thought, as I was sitting on the couch and starting to realize that I actually was sick and not just paranoid, was, I’m so thankful Nick doesn’t have to work tomorrow. And before that thought had even finished, Oh my gosh, I get to stay up late and watch crappy TV! And I get to sleep as much as… Read more »

Type “tooth fairy” into Pinterest. Go on, I dare you. You will find approximately 2 million adorable, “wouldn’t this be fun” ideas, including: printable tooth fairy receipts, printable tooth fairy letters, several hundred templates for tooth-pocket pillows, how to make glittery fairy money, dollar bill origami for the tooth fairy to leave behind, and a tutorial for making a tiny tooth fairy door that opens into a picture of magical tooth fairy land with a place to clip a tiny (handmade) envelope… Read more »

We are not having any more babies. Somehow it seems fitting to come back to the blog with this statement, since my first pregnancy was what started my writing journey. We are not having any more babies. Seven words. Conceptually simple (no pun intended). But holy cow, what an idea to wrap my mind around. Even though it’s not exactly a recent revelation—we had only ever planned on three kids, and it’s been a good length of time since we… Read more »

I haven’t written anything in a long time. Partly because the projects jumping out at me from every nook and cranny of our house were starting to take a serious toll on my mental health, and partly because I went through a stretch where I just didn’t feel like I had anything to say. The Internet needs another person rambling on for no reason at all like I need my two-year-old to throw a cup of milk at the wall (yep, that… Read more »

Someone has got to go to school. I don’t care who it is, but someone HAS GOT TO GO. I cannot take any more summer vacation. For several weeks, I have been stumbling along, thinking that I’d like to finish strong even as the amount of television I allow each day keeps creeping upward. You want to watch another show? Well, I would love another half hour of peace. It’s a deal. I kept seeing First Day of School Pictures in my… Read more »

It has been one of those evenings that quickly descended into a three-bleeping-ring circus. We have a saying at our house that things only go wrong when Nick is out of town or working (and by “we,” I mean I have a saying, and by “a saying,” I mean me thinking irritated, unprintable thoughts at the universe about the fact that the house and the small people in it always seem to go to pieces when I am the only adult around to… Read more »